Our approachable, expert personal injury solicitors receive outstanding feedback from our clients on a consistent basis. Here's some of their latest comments which show their satisfaction that they chose us to deal with their personal injury compensation claim.

Gordon Bathgate and Julie Harris were clear and made it easy to understand the complexities of law and what to expect.
V.M.  December 2023

Thank you very much for all your support, Stephen Irvine. This has not only given me back my dignity, but also my pride in my work. Your attention to my claim is very much appreciated, and the amount is much more than I ever expected.
P.B.  November 2023

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Michelle Wilson, and Allan McDougall Solicitors for their help and support in resolving this personal injury matter. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you, and I will certainly recommend your services in future.
M.M.  November 2023

Thank you Fiona Fraser for everything you have done for me in my personal injury compensation claim case.
E.D.  November 2023

This was my first experience with legal support. Gordon Milligan was understanding, timely and clear at all stages. Would recommend your services to friends and family.
J.P.  November 2023

Thank you to both Stephen Irvine and Fiona Fraser for helping me obtain a settlement for my injury. I have left that job now and am starting to train for a new career. I am only able to do this due to your help! Thanks again.
S.F.  November 2023

Fiona Fraser fought so hard for me. Thank you so much.
H.M.  October 2023

Mr Irvine was fantastic with his advice and communication. The reception staff were polite and helpful. Overall happy with the experience I've had.
S.G.  September 2023

Excellent work by Stephen Irvine throughout, and the result was great.
J.W.  September 2023

Fantastic. I would like to thank Stephen Irvine for his professional approach to my claim and for going above and beyond.
R.M.  September 2023

Jackie Raitt and her team were very helpful in everything, from phone calls to emails, and I can't thank them enough for the work they put into my case.
N.C.  September 2023

Jackie Raitt and Michelle Wilson provided great service and advice in helping me win this personal injury compensation case.
G.L.  September 2023

Found David Harris and Heather Webster to be approachable, helpful, and courteous, and they kept me informed how everything was proceeding.
N.G.  August 2023

I would like to thank Stephen Irvine for the excellent work you did as my lawyer. I appreciate the time you took to walk me through each step of my claim, while keeping me up to speed with updates or actions required. You did a fantastic job with my claim and I can’t thank you enough.
W.M.  August 2023

We are very grateful for the effort and dedication Fiona Fraser has given to the case. She was helpful, courteous and determined to achieve the best possible outcome, which she did. We are extremely pleased at the outcome and feel that Fiona deserves all the credit for her outstanding work. Once again thank you.
S.R.  August 2023

Stephen Irvine, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and advice during this personal injury compensation claim. Very much appreciated.
J.H.  August 2023

I found the service to be very professional. Gordon Milligan was very eager to help and explained everything thoroughly. Many thanks.
D.S.  July 2023

Jackie Raitt was very helpful and explained everything clearly.
B.A.  July 2023

First rate service from start to finish from Gordon Milligan. All staff were extremely professional and courteous. Would readily recommend the firm to family and friends.
J.H.  July 2023

Fiona Fraser was very informative and helpful. Her advice was excellent and I would highly recommend your services. Thank you again Fiona and team.
S.K.  June 2023

I would like to thank Gordon Milligan, Julie Harris and my advocate Alan Cowan for all the hard work that went in to winning this case for me.
T.G.  May 2023

Heather Webster was a friendly, well informed voice who put things in a manner that was easy to understand.
P.M.  May 2023

Many thanks to Michelle Wilson who represented me. She listened to all I had to say and presented the best case in order to achieve the best settlement possible.
L.M.  May 2023

Would like to thank Gordon Milligan for his diligence and helpful support.
W.W.  May 2023

Very grateful for the help and service that Jackie Raitt provided. Thanks.
M.M.  May 2023

I received professional help and was kept updated throughout my claim. Thank you so much for all your help Alex Robertson.
S.G.  April 2023

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