Our approachable, expert personal injury solicitors receive outstanding feedback from our clients on a consistent basis. Here's some of their latest comments which show their satisfaction that they chose us to deal with their personal injury compensation claim.

Great service. Gordon Milligan handled everything perfectly.
I.D.  May 2024

Massive thanks to you all so much for your advice throughout this long journey and everything you have done for me. I would like to let you know that it is very much appreciated. You Mr Harris have certainly made my day and I salute you.
.A.  May 2024

Gordon Milligan was really helpful and patient with me and gave me really good advice on my case. Very grateful for his help.
R.C.  April 2024

First class service from a very professional firm. Cannot thank Stephen Irvine enough for all his help.
W.W.  April 2024

The service I received was outstanding throughout. Stephen Irvine was very helpful, understanding, and courteous. He explained the whole process very well and was very swift in replying to any queries, or when informing me of updates. The outcome was very good, and the compensation received was higher than we initially thought, thanks to Stephen's guidance and hard work. I'm very appreciative.
G.H.  April 2024

Thank you very much for everything that you have done to help and guide me with this claim, Stephen Irvine. The amount received is much better than I expected. I will certainly recommend you and Allan McDougall Solicitors to friends and family.
G.H.  April 2024

The service from Stephen Irvine was excellent.
A.K.  April 2024

Would happily recommend. Alex Robertson talked me through the whole process and any queries were answered satisfactory. Medical was straight forward and again handled very professionally. Pleasantly surprised how quickly the case was resolved and felt the award was appropriate.
D.A.  March 2024

Stephen Irvine, thank you once again for your professionalism and input throughout this case. It has been made easier having yourself deal with this, and I'm satisfied with the outcome.
J.R.  March 2024

First class service from Jackie Raitt. Would recommend your services to family and friends.
J.O.  March 2024

Although it was very painful at the time, the cheque for compensation as a result of my accident brought a smile to my face today. Many thanks to Jackie Raitt and your team for the advice, assistance and service provided.
.O.  March 2024

Alex Robertson and Julie Harris were fantastic. I felt informed and supported at every step in the process. The information they shared felt easy to understand and every interaction I had with them was friendly and professional. They are an asset to Allan McDougall Solicitors, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them or recommend them in the future. Thank you so much for everything.
S.R.  February 2024

It has been a pleasure working with Fiona Fraser. She kept me updated throughout the process and offered good advice. She really cares about her clients and this is obvious in her personalised approach. I’m very happy with the outcome and will recommend her to family and friends. I will miss her regular phone calls and emails now we have settled!
L.M.  February 2024

Thank you, Fiona Fraser, for all your help during this personal injury compensation claim process.
M.P.  January 2024

Great service from the team. Gordon Milligan's answers to questions were perfect, and he and Alison Bosshardt made the process very easy.
M.D.  January 2024

Can't thank Alex Robertson enough for her time and effort. She was excellent.
G.D.  January 2024

No complaints whatsoever. Jackie Raitt and Michelle Wilson were courteous and helpful every time I contacted them.
I.S.  January 2024

Gordon Milligan and Julie Harris were clear and made it easy to understand the complexities of law and what to expect.
V.M.  December 2023

Thank you very much for all your support, Stephen Irvine. This has not only given me back my dignity, but also my pride in my work. Your attention to my claim is very much appreciated, and the amount is much more than I ever expected.
P.B.  November 2023

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Michelle Wilson, and Allan McDougall Solicitors for their help and support in resolving this personal injury matter. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you, and I will certainly recommend your services in future.
M.M.  November 2023

Thank you Fiona Fraser for everything you have done for me in my personal injury compensation claim case.
E.D.  November 2023

This was my first experience with legal support. Gordon Milligan was understanding, timely and clear at all stages. Would recommend your services to friends and family.
J.P.  November 2023

Thank you to both Stephen Irvine and Fiona Fraser for helping me obtain a settlement for my injury. I have left that job now and am starting to train for a new career. I am only able to do this due to your help! Thanks again.
S.F.  November 2023

Fiona Fraser fought so hard for me. Thank you so much.
H.M.  October 2023

Mr Irvine was fantastic with his advice and communication. The reception staff were polite and helpful. Overall happy with the experience I've had.
S.G.  September 2023

Excellent work by Stephen Irvine throughout, and the result was great.
J.W.  September 2023

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