Free virtual settlement agreements clinic

21 January 2021

Been told by your employer that you\'re being "paid off" and given a settlement agreement? Attend our free virtual clinic
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Edinburgh Festival of Cycling hosts Bicycle Film Festival

5 January 2021

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling is hosting this year’s Bicycle Film Festival
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Merry Christmas and all good wishes for a happy, healthy 2021

8 December 2020

We would like to thank all of our clients, everyone with whom we work and all of our wonderful team.
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Claiming personal injury compensation for accidents in public spaces

19 November 2020

Accidents can happen anywhere. At any time.
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What if I am injured because of lack of PPE?

2 November 2020

Your employer has a legal duty to take reasonable care to protect you from harm at any time. So - what is PPE?
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Sean White promoted to Associate

13 October 2020

We are pleased to announce that Sean White has been promoted to Associate
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Why these members are relieved they pursued their personal injury claims through Unite

29 September 2020

Unite Legal Services provides members with full representation for all personal injury cases
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Working at home accidents - who is liable?

15 September 2020

Who is responsible if you are involved in an accident while working from home?
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Nightclub liable to pay damages for failing to install anti-slip flooring

8 September 2020

Nightclub liable to pay damages to injured woman for failing to install anti-slip flooring
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Summer feedback

7 September 2020

Lots of great feedback from clients over the last couple of months
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Concerned about being made redundant and given a settlement agreement?

3 September 2020

Got any questions you'd like to ask about settlement agreements?
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How we helped turn things around for these injured Unite members

26 August 2020

Unite the Union members have free access to the trade union’s legal scheme, Unite Legal Services.
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