What is Res Ipsa Loquitur?

5 May 2020

A good example of how a claim can be successful through the use of the often neglected doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitor.
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Update on progressing family cases in the Sheriff Court during the COVID-19 outbreak

30 April 2020

An update on the current restrictions on Family Court proceedings imposed as a result of the COVID-19 emergency.
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Common law husband and wife – what are your rights in law?

29 April 2020

Many people are unaware that "common law marriage" is a concept that has been abolished in Scotland now for many years
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Back to basics: the fundamentals of personal injury law

28 April 2020

“Personal injury law” is quite a general term, isn’t it? In fact it covers a wide variety of types of cases
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Vicarious liability: Is an employer always liable for an employee’s actions or inactions?

23 April 2020

“Is what I’m doing part of my job?” A simple question which, in most situations, has a simple answer. But not always.
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Top tips for preparing for your first meeting with a family lawyer

22 April 2020

Seeking support from a qualified legal professional is the best way to receive the most honest and up-to-date advice
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Settlement Agreements

21 April 2020

If you find yourself in a situation where your employer tells you they are “paying you off”, you should seek advice as soon as possible
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Allan McDougall Solicitors

17 April 2020

Allan McDougall Solicitors have joined Instagram!
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Proud to clap for the NHS and other vital workers

16 April 2020

Thank you so much to all the NHS and many other workers looking after everyone so well during these challenging times
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Introducing our family law team

15 April 2020

If you need any support with a family issue, our family law team is here to help and guide you
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Allan McDougall Solicitors voice grave concerns over access to justice

14 April 2020

We are now a number of weeks into the crisis caused by Covid-19 and facing week 4 of lockdown.
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Personal injury cases for other law firms’ clients

13 April 2020

Many other law firms now refer their clients to us through our Injury Compensation Alliance.
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