Injured employee awarded 1 million compensation

A worker who sustained serious multiple injuries after an accident at work has been awarded just over £1 million in compensation, with help from Unite Legal Services.

The Unite the Union member is no longer able to work due to injuries which have left his mobility significantly restricted and impacted on his life in other ways.

Unite Legal Services instructed leading personal injury law firm Allan McDougall Solicitors to act on their member’s behalf. Pat Rafferty, Scottish Regional Secretary of Unite the Union, said: “No amount of monetary compensation will ever make up for the loss suffered by this man and his family as a result of a horrendous accident. Measures have now been taken by his former employer to prevent such accidents, but had these obvious measures been taken beforehand, the accident would not have occurred, and a man’s life would not have been so adversely affected.

This is a major success for Unite Legal Services, and all our members should take some comfort from knowing that our legal services are at hand to act for them and their families. We would like to thank Allan McDougall Solicitors who acted as panel solicitor for our member.”

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