Leg, knee and ankle injuries

Compensation for Leg, knee and ankle injuries

Because an injury to the leg can affect mobility significantly, it is vital that a claim for injury
to the leg is dealt with by an expert personal injury lawyer. The restriction on mobility can of course affect a person’s ability to work but also the ability to do those everyday tasks that we all take for granted such as driving, shopping, childcare, housework and even dressing and bathing.

The most traumatic type of injuries can involve amputation. There can also be injuries which, although not involving amputation, can still have a long term effect on a person’s quality of life. Injuries can include serious cuts, ligament or tendon damage and fractures.

Claims relating to a knee injury can be complicated partly because the knee itself is a complex joint. Fractures, dislocations and twisting injuries can affect not just the bones but also ligaments and tissues, such as cartilage or meniscus, in the knee and each of these can have long term effects.

Use our personal injury claim calculator to work out how much compensation is likely for leg, knee and ankle injuries.

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