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Allan McDougall Solicitors is delighted to announce that it has been successfully accredited as a No Zero Hours Employer by Zero Hours Justice, a UK organisation that seeks to end the use of zero hours contracts where they are unilaterally imposed by employers.

Alice Bowman, an employment solicitor with Allan McDougall Solicitors, said: “The firm’s accreditation by Zero Hours Justice demonstrates that we do not and will not use zero hours contracts, and we encourage other employers to do the same. It is good practice for all businesses to provide their staff with secure, stable working hours. Using zero hours contracts with little notice of hours of work does not make for a happy, productive workforce in any organisation.”

Office for National Statistics data showed 109,000 people in Scotland employed on zero-hours contracts in the second quarter of 2023, a disappointing 4% increase from 105,000 in the first three months of the year. This represents 4.1% of all people in employment in Scotland, compared to 3.6% in England, 3.2% in Wales and 1.5% in Northern Ireland.

Zero Hours Justice offers its free No Zero Hours accreditation scheme to all employers in the private, public and third sectors who do not employ workers on zero hours contracts. By recognising and promoting employers who choose not to use zero hours contracts Zero Hours Justice hopes to persuade other organisations to follow suit.

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