Why these members are relieved they pursued their personal injury claims through Unite

Allan McDougall Solicitors has been a Unite panel law firm for many years. Unite members have free access to the trade union’s legal scheme, Unite Legal Services. It provides members with full representation for all personal injury cases - road accidents, injuries at work, medical negligence to name but a few. Members’ families also benefit from a free service for all personal injury claims aside from injuries sustained at work.

The following are just three examples from the many members and their families who are delighted they pursued their cases through Unite, with the assistance of Allan McDougall Solicitors.

  • Sandra works with adults with learning difficulties and when she suffered a fall at work, she fractured her leg, requiring an operation and 12 months off work. She felt that Unite were there with unfailing support just when she needed it most. Her employers initially denied fault, but Allan McDougall Solicitors were able to prove that they hadn’t even carried out a risk assessment. Upon receiving £31,000 compensation, she said: “I’d like to thank you for all the advice. You explained things very well – the assistance was excellent, as was the final outcome.”
  • John works in a warehouse and suffered a shoulder injury while lifting. The strength in his arm was greatly reduced, and he felt frustrated that he was left unable to do some things he used to enjoy. On behalf of Unite, Allan McDougall Solicitors pursued a case against his employers’ insurers. Although the claim was initially denied, in the end, damages of around £50,000 were awarded. He said: “I’d like to thank you for all the hard work, achieving a far higher settlement than I ever thought possible. Ultimately you have made a huge difference to my life, turning a bleak future into something more positive.”
  • Margaret was carrying out some voluntary work at a local leisure centre when she fell from a height. Her back was badly injured, and there was also psychological aftermath. With the support of Unite, she sued the leisure centre. They argued that the accident was her own fault, but later they capitulated and after Allan McDougall Solicitors rejected two unsatisfactory offers, the case settled for £80,000. In expressing heartfelt thanks, she said: “Thank you for your professionalism and excellent support throughout all stages of my case.”

If you are a member of Unite, or are interested in becoming a member, you can find out more about our services for Unite Legal Services.

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