Am I too late to claim compensation for my injury?

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Did you know that there are strict time limits for claiming compensation if you are injured? In most cases, the time limit is three years. Claims must either be settled or a Court action started before the end of the three year period.

Unfortunately some valid cases cannot be pursued simply because they are time barred – the injured person has left it too late. Don’t let that be you or anyone you know.

However your injury occurred - even if you think you were partly to blame yourself - you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. This will allow your solicitor enough time to carry out all the necessary investigations and take steps to resolve your claim or start a Court action on your behalf in good time.

What is the time limit to pursue a claim for a work-related illness (such as noise induced hearing loss, vibration white finger etc)?
The three years start to run from the date that you know you have the illness. For example, if you suffer from industrial deafness, you may have been exposed to excessive noise over a number of years but the clock starts ticking in relation to a claim from the date that you first became aware you were suffering from hearing loss.

What about medical and dental negligence cases?
The three years run from the date that you knew a mistake had been made by a doctor, dentist or other medical professional in the course of your treatment.

Are there different time limits for accidents that happened abroad?
Yes. Some of the time limits in overseas countries are much shorter. So, if you have an accident abroad, you should seek legal advice from a specialist personal injury firm as soon as possible.

What about accidents on board a boat or a plane?
These have a two-year time limit.

What if I have been injured as the victim of a violent crime?
Claims for compensation to The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority must be submitted within two years.

Are there different time limits for injuries to children?
Yes. If a person is aged under 16 at the time they are injured, the time limit does not begin to run until their 16th birthday. So, in a typical case, the time limit will expire on their 19th birthday.

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